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Russia Bernd 2022-06-07 12:25:58 ⋅ 2y No. 163451
Have you tried talking to AI before? You can feed it some sexual stories and it will try to finish your thought
Hungary Bernd 2024-06-02 14:56:47 ⋅ 2w No. 311790
Apparently its liek 300 Watts to generate a wordsalad.
Russia Bernd 2024-06-06 01:02:55 ⋅ 2w No. 312106
This shit is gas consistant human face characters into any situation with very high quality. Couldn't make the long ears though
Russia Bernd 2024-06-07 16:49:35 ⋅ 2w No. 312217
damn, one girl once did a cosplay and she made just 1 photo in that cosplay and since then disappeared. But now just based on this one cosplay image i can generate thousands of images of her face in every situation. She is probably old now, old and ugly. But for me, she will always live. She had no idea that just by releasing this one image online - she forfeit the exclusive rights for her unique look, to her temporary identity. Its insane how technology changed everything.
Russia Bernd 2024-06-21 18:29:36 ⋅ 1d No. 313166
>>311790 yep i do my part of exhausting the American power grid by requesting smut stories with pokemon


United States Bernd 2024-06-10 08:45:37 ⋅ 1w
No. 312449 según esto con juegos de roles pero no funciona, que han probado?
United States Bernd 2024-06-10 08:47:00 ⋅ 1w No. 312450
DolphimLLM sirve bastante pero necesitas un PC potente para la forma Offline

Russia Bernd 2021-08-14 12:51:43 ⋅ 2y No. 119879
What do you think of Starship and SpaceX? Can they land this white tower on the Moon by 2024 ?
France Bernd 2023-11-30 12:39:25 ⋅ 6mn No. 294906
Russia Bernd 2024-02-20 20:59:49 ⋅ 4mn No. 301592
Slovenia Bernd 2024-06-06 13:59:11 ⋅ 2w No. 312141
Russia Bernd 2024-06-07 03:05:59 ⋅ 2w No. 312183
>>312141 3 years later, not closer to the Moon by an inch

Russia Bernd 2024-05-09 11:43:51 ⋅ 1mn No. 309771
I surely hope you are not using Proton Mail, because they give your data to the government, while pretending to be some kind of secure service.
Germany Bernd 2024-05-09 12:48:20 ⋅ 1mn No. 309774
Average swiss behaviour

Hidden and withheld technology

Russia Bernd 2023-08-13 13:17:38 ⋅ 10mn
No. 282971
What do you think about the teory, that governments and corporations have more advanced technology that they don't reveal? I remember one shizo saying to me, that governments had Image generation and voice generation technology for decades and only now we get imagen, because governments and certain corporations just reveal what they had in their possession for decades, only revealing it now because they have even more advanced examples at their disposal Lets talk about why is it possible or not possible. As a proof i present this video of a walking robot from Boston dynamics which is 10 years old, they had this tech for humanoid robots long time ago, but at some point made it secret, possibly because they got involved with the millitary
Russia Bernd 2023-11-22 13:15:27 ⋅ 7mn No. 294181
i think i SAW this technology before, maybe in some movie or something
Russia Bernd 2023-11-22 13:17:56 ⋅ 7mn No. 294182
Russia Bernd 2023-11-22 13:21:00 ⋅ 7mn No. 294183
>>294181 >>294182 ah, it was in this movie
Russia Bernd 2024-04-17 13:36:46 ⋅ 2mn No. 306122
Is it development, or just disclosure?

Brazil Bernd 2024-04-13 04:03:14 ⋅ 2mn No. 305471
did you guys liked it?
Peru Bernd 2024-04-13 04:04:00 ⋅ 2mn No. 305472
>>305471 yes, it was funny
Brazil Bernd 2024-04-13 04:16:06 ⋅ 2mn No. 305473
Peru Bernd 2024-04-13 04:17:49 ⋅ 2mn No. 305474
>>305473 lol

United States Bernd 2024-02-29 18:26:08 ⋅ 3mn No. 302277
I've been working on getting a p2p imageboard functioning for a while and I decided to start fresh more recently with a new project. It's still not fully featured per se, but I feel like releasing it in it's current form since it's still functional and I want to see if it works in the wild. Hopefully you'll be able to see the existing boards and start posting. To install: >install node and yarn (or npm instead of yarn) >run "yarn build" to get the dependencies >run "yarn start" to start the server And you can add whatever boards you like. This basically works like a torrent. Moderation is local, so you can delete files and posts that you don't like, but it won't be deleted for others necessarily (unless everyone else blocks them and there are no more seeders). "Subscribing" to others as moderators so you can trust them to delete for you is also possible I just haven't hooked it all up yet.
Finland Bernd 2024-03-18 07:05:06 ⋅ 3mn No. 303190
Why aren't all websites p2p already? It would save the jews a lot of money
Iran Bernd 2024-03-18 17:03:53 ⋅ 3mn No. 303223
>>303190 can't monopolize for (((socially constructive purposes))), oy vey
United States Bernd 2024-03-21 23:00:13 ⋅ 3mn No. 303478
Added some gateway configuration settings so you can turn off certain features if you want to expose your pageserver to the wider internet: Here's a public gateway where you can browse some boards but with posting disabled:
Canada Bernd 2024-04-07 16:11:26 ⋅ 2mn No. 304802
It's possible to run this on android using termux, and doesn't seem to use too many resources.


Russia Bernd 2024-04-05 11:04:25 ⋅ 2mn
No. 304686
>2 years ago ahahahahaha will we ever get the real cyber vision? Not the bulky Aplle Vision pro, but light and nimble?
Netherlands Bernd 2024-04-05 12:35:17 ⋅ 2mn No. 304689
>>304686 This is a tricky one. I believe you can fit a digital screen into a contact lens even with current technology, but what about the rest? Processing units, batteries etc. Even if all of these is supposed to be outside in some external device you still have to connect it somehow
Russia Bernd 2024-04-05 12:37:23 ⋅ 2mn No. 304690
>>304689 yeah, and imagine if this shit overheats))
Netherlands Bernd 2024-04-05 12:43:00 ⋅ 2mn No. 304691
>>304690 Well I imagine if everything would be outside the tiny screen itself wouldn't require a lot of power so it would be unlikely to overheat but yeah, safety is still a big concern. I believe the next step in cyber vision is a lightweight and transparent analogue of the Apple Vision. Like your common glasses but with a digital overlay.

Flying cars

Russia Bernd 2024-04-03 12:40:44 ⋅ 2mn
No. 304470
Are we actually getting them? I am only hopefull now because China gets into the business - Europeans and Americans are retarded to actually make it happen. Example - they even paid Mr Beast - i wonder how many millions when instead they should have paid someone else to build a factory and bribe politicians to change the laws
Russia Bernd 2024-04-04 19:11:49 ⋅ 2mn No. 304628
>>304613 its atleast 50 meters deep, can't see how it can be done accidentally they would need 1000s peope digging, but its not in history
France Bernd 2024-04-04 19:21:18 ⋅ 2mn No. 304630
>>304628 erm
Iran Bernd 2024-04-04 19:52:01 ⋅ 2mn No. 304632
>>304628 what I literally can't believe you have never seen what water erosion does to an unmaintained road, or even just a footpath now imagine this but over centuries, and in loess which erodes like nothing
Russia Bernd 2024-04-05 10:02:36 ⋅ 2mn No. 304685
flying bike. Imagine this flying low and decapitating you

Austria Bernd 2024-03-31 20:32:37 ⋅ 2mn No. 304119
What is a dark web service that you think could need optimization? Or something that is just MISSING on the dark web?
France Bernd 2024-03-31 22:26:22 ⋅ 2mn No. 304138
Drone drug delivery. Go make it.