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thread dedicated to the most beautiful Layne!

Colombia Bernd 2022-06-02 23:55:31 ⋅ 8mn
No. 157873
Lane is a classic, it never goes out of style. Lane is your friend, she will be with you always. Lane is God, She is omnipresent. If the dead write you letters, if you see strange things and hear voices. If ghosts pass through your body and the agents follow you everywhere. WELCOME Let's glorify the mistress of the buzzing wires.
Russia Bernd 2023-01-23 03:03:29 ⋅ 2w No. 250413
Praise the goddess.
Russia Bernd 2023-01-23 21:07:39 ⋅ 2w No. 250518
>>250431 Translation in that case was not a good option from the start. Layne != Lain. Lane != Lain.
Germany Bernd 2023-02-05 09:32:28 ⋅ 2d No. 252612
>>234570 >>250413 >>250518 The anime is boring though. Eyecandy can't fix that.
Russia Bernd 2023-02-05 11:19:41 ⋅ 1d No. 252641
>>252612 Boring for those who can't enjoy it and deep dive into it. It is OK, there is plenty of other anime for any taste.

One Punch Man 3

Russia Bernd 2022-07-10 19:32:27 ⋅ 7mn
No. 196778
I am fucking tired of waiting. When??? Can i get some respite out of the end times gloom and just watch Season 3 of OPM?
Buenos Aires Bernd 2022-07-23 16:59:57 ⋅ 6mn No. 201834
>>196778 When? Never. Read the manga.
Russia Bernd 2022-07-23 17:09:15 ⋅ 6mn No. 201839
>>201834 i thought about it, but watching Anime is kinda better sometimes. i watched anime Shaman King and also read mango and the music makes the show 40% better, the choices of music, the audio effects, pacing. Its all rings emotions better when you watch good anime compared to manga. And One Punch Man anime had one of the best audio designs, like when the anime has the word PUNCH in its name, they have to make punches feel viceral, extatic, heavy, meaningfull. All through sound mostly. But when you read manga, its just the panel with the big BOOM word written on it.
Germany Bernd 2023-02-05 09:31:51 ⋅ 2d No. 252611
>>201839 We think alike. OPM is one of my favorite animes. I'm sure there will come a third season eventually. For Classroom of the Elite I had to wait five years for the second season,

our field of dreams

Peru Bernd 2023-02-05 04:14:55 ⋅ 2d
No. 252583
100 images link

mega girl (captain n)

Peru Bernd 2023-01-28 04:31:07 ⋅ 1w
No. 251089
80 images link

Isekai Yarisaa 1-2

Peru Bernd 2022-09-19 21:21:34 ⋅ 4mn
No. 226469
video link
Luxembourg Bernd 2022-09-22 04:02:37 ⋅ 4mn No. 226855
United States Bernd 2022-10-22 16:45:37 ⋅ 3mn No. 234923
Okay that is So Fucked

mikagura tanteidan

Peru Bernd 2022-08-16 03:21:21 ⋅ 5mn
No. 218132
200 images link
Peru Bernd 2022-08-16 03:22:34 ⋅ 5mn No. 218134
>>218132 I'm not gonna click that, nigga.

Brazil Bernd 2022-03-11 01:01:50 ⋅ 11mn No. 140896
Is there anyone in this dead board who likes Slayers?
Germany Bernd 2022-03-11 01:26:15 ⋅ 11mn No. 140897
Bernd 2022-04-17 22:09:48 ⋅ 9mn No. 146488
Germany Bernd 2022-04-18 00:33:58 ⋅ 9mn No. 146492
>>140897 The second mini you posted is among my all time favourites
Brazil Bernd 2022-08-14 04:36:32 ⋅ 5mn No. 217692
>>140896 Sex.

Kuma Magical

Peru Bernd 2022-08-11 03:04:49 ⋅ 6mn
No. 213937
video link

kamome (cyber team in akihabara)

Peru Bernd 2022-07-31 03:28:39 ⋅ 6mn
No. 204653
50 images link
Peru Bernd 2022-07-31 03:29:01 ⋅ 6mn No. 204654
>>204653 Not traps? :c

yuki (gakkou gurashi)

Peru Bernd 2022-07-26 03:43:04 ⋅ 6mn
No. 203124
120 images link