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Ukraine Bernd 2022-02-18 17:47:35 ⋅ 2y No. 137124
Zis is how Is my life
Mongolia Bernd 2022-02-18 18:01:04 ⋅ 2y No. 137125
>>137124 Everything is familiar...and nostalgic to me. Reminds me of my capital city
Russia Bernd 2022-02-18 18:18:22 ⋅ 2y No. 137128
Why worry? Soon it will be over. The spring will start.
Mexico Bernd 2022-02-18 18:19:04 ⋅ 2y No. 137129
cosy :3
Russia Bernd 2022-02-18 18:29:25 ⋅ 2y No. 137132
At least no mountains of snow
Canada Bernd 2022-02-18 18:34:41 ⋅ 2y No. 137133
No snow, no black ice. Problems weren't
Germany Bernd 2022-02-18 19:00:09 ⋅ 2y No. 137139
>>137133 black ice..?
Mexico Bernd 2022-02-18 19:21:44 ⋅ 2y No. 137140
>>137139 only explanation that I get from "black ice" is that he is talking about soot waste on ice and snow.
Czechia Bernd 2022-02-18 19:50:18 ⋅ 2y No. 137143
>>137124 looks worse than here, thats a big yikes. Also our infrastructure is built to handle floods like this, why isnt yours? East Germany im assuming, here we get flood water from the Alps so we are prepared
Russia Bernd 2022-02-18 19:51:34 ⋅ 2y No. 137144
>>137133 An interesting bit of trivia: back in the 60s the snow in Norway sometimes was of a gray colour - because of the German Ruhr area.
Sweden Bernd 2022-02-18 19:55:51 ⋅ 2y No. 137145
>>137139 hard to see ice like a nigger in teh dark
Germany Bernd 2022-02-18 19:57:01 ⋅ 2y No. 137147
I suffer in the land of plenty
Slovenia Bernd 2022-02-18 20:00:40 ⋅ 2y No. 137148
>>137124 SOVL
Czechia Bernd 2022-02-18 20:35:39 ⋅ 2y No. 137154
>>137147 cute! bump
Switzerland Bernd 2022-02-18 22:02:06 ⋅ 2y No. 137173
>>137147 god I wish I was a cat waffen-SS
Canada Bernd 2022-02-19 15:58:01 ⋅ 2y No. 137254
>>137139 Generally transparent ice that is slipper and dangerous to pedestrians and especially cars if you can't see it. Hence why it's black ice.