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Norway Bernd 2023-03-17 00:44:23 ⋅ 3d No. 261056
Decided to go to bed
Germany Bernd 2023-03-17 01:01:44 ⋅ 3d No. 261059
Not yet.
Germany Bernd 2023-03-17 02:11:23 ⋅ 3d No. 261077
Sleep schedule fucked against
Slovenia Bernd 2023-03-17 21:53:58 ⋅ 2d No. 261200
>>261077 such cases
Poland Bernd 2023-03-17 22:10:03 ⋅ 2d No. 261201
>>261200 don't stay up too late
Norway Bernd 2023-03-17 22:31:20 ⋅ 2d No. 261203
bump t. same settis again
Germany Bernd 2023-03-18 01:00:24 ⋅ 2d No. 261225
ids tiem
Norway Bernd 2023-03-18 01:08:09 ⋅ 2d No. 261228
>>261225 ids tiem
Germany Bernd 2023-03-18 01:34:18 ⋅ 2d No. 261234
Can't sleep me let ChatGPT calculate how long a spinning top spins.
Germany Bernd 2023-03-18 10:18:25 ⋅ 2d No. 261292
Moin :D
Norway Bernd 2023-03-18 12:10:24 ⋅ 2d No. 261304
>>261292 just woke up from sofa nap
Germany Bernd 2023-03-18 13:51:36 ⋅ 2d No. 261314
>>261292 Moinsen^^ >>261304 Sames
Germany Bernd 2023-03-18 14:10:30 ⋅ 2d No. 261316
I made myself some burgers and ate them all. Now in food coma. r8.
Norway Bernd 2023-03-18 14:11:54 ⋅ 2d No. 261317
>>261314 did you sleep well? >>261316 ls that pic your burgers? looks luxury i have frozen pidser in freezer, maybe i will heatening it later
Germany Bernd 2023-03-18 14:24:45 ⋅ 2d No. 261318
>>261317 Yes it is mine. The patties are half organic beef and half granulated soy that I soaked in beef stock. The soy worked sufficiently to stretch the ground beef and I might do this to all ground beef now to get more out of it. Also added an egg to make sure that it does not fall apart. I grew the sprouts on the bottom myself and topped the burger with roasted pears in honey and gorgonzola. The buns were roasted in butter with garlic. It tasted pretty well although I would have expected more sharpness from the sprouts and I should have added more citrus to the pears to get more acidity.
Poland Bernd 2023-03-18 14:30:47 ⋅ 2d No. 261319
>>261318 what kind of sprouts?
Germany Bernd 2023-03-18 14:40:09 ⋅ 2d No. 261320
>>261319 Daikon . But I think it can still grow for a couple of days more. I bought some kind of seed starter set and I am in the process of trying them all. I've tried broccoli, peas, mung beans, and radish so far. Broccoli was my least favorite and radish my most favorite.
Germany Bernd 2023-03-18 14:43:37 ⋅ 2d No. 261321
>>261318 half beefboy half soyboy
Germany Bernd 2023-03-18 14:44:00 ⋅ 2d No. 261322
>>261317 Yeah pretty good.
Poland Bernd 2023-03-18 15:03:01 ⋅ 2d No. 261323
>>261320 > Broccoli was my least favorite are your taste buds okay? you should try cress sprouts if you're looking for sharpness
Norway Bernd 2023-03-18 15:10:32 ⋅ 2d No. 261325
>>261318 >>261320 good job burned, i wish i was as dedicated to make my own food
Germany Bernd 2023-03-18 15:12:29 ⋅ 2d No. 261326
>>261323 Wow rude. It's not that I dislike the taste but the growing experience is not worth it. They are very smol and it is extremely annoying to separate the seed shells from the sprouts. I started growing cress yesterday on some paper towels. But you can't grow them in a glass so I don't know if I'm willing to keep this up. >>261325 Thanks fren.
Poland Bernd 2023-03-18 15:20:16 ⋅ 2d No. 261327
>>261326 I'm not rude, I'm concerned about my dear friend growing cress sprouts is kind of an Easter tradition in Poland (don't ask me why, I have no clue) and we usually use damp cotton pads instead of paper towels
Norway Bernd 2023-03-18 15:31:44 ⋅ 2d No. 261329
>>261327 mysterious polish strategy
Germany Bernd 2023-03-18 15:48:45 ⋅ 2d No. 261336
>>261327 Seems like a very mundane way to grow cress given all the fancy dedicated cress growing devices out there. What do Poles do with their cress harvest? Do you just eat it on bread with cream cheese?
Poland Bernd 2023-03-18 15:57:42 ⋅ 2d No. 261343
>>261329 don't you guys do anything weird? >>261336 well, we use the fancy growing devices too, although they're mostly for kids I don't grow it since I don't like the taste and I'm not big on religious holidays, but it's supposed to be an edible decoration
Germany Bernd 2023-03-18 16:06:05 ⋅ 2d No. 261345
>>261343 Pretty strange for a sprout expert like you to not like the most popular kind don't you think? Are your taste buds okay?
Poland Bernd 2023-03-18 16:28:57 ⋅ 2d No. 261349
>>261345 why don't you come over here and check? I don't think being an expert (which I'm not, by the way) works like that, they don't need to like everything
Germany Bernd 2023-03-18 16:45:09 ⋅ 2d No. 261352
>>261349 Well I could. But there would be a lot of in depths checking involved. Like I would have to put some weird things into your mouth to see if you can properly taste them. I'm not sure if you are ready to that. What would you say if someone would claim to be a music expert but at the same time says that he doesn't like Tool? That would be a little weird, wouldn't it?
Poland Bernd 2023-03-18 18:02:36 ⋅ 2d No. 261364
>>261352 do your worst, just no moths being knowledgeable and having bad taste are not mutually exclusive
Malaysia Bernd 2023-03-19 02:02:51 ⋅ 1d No. 261430
>>261056 norge lifting bernd is that you? i missed you..