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Bernd 2022-09-23 16:41:27 ⋅ 1w No. 227070
Please read the following story that happened to me: I was watching Dragon Ball Z on a yaoi porn page (which I will mention for your delight later) called It was the 122th time I masturbated when in the episode they stopped having sex. I already did shat myself because it was a site with excellent gay content, but I inserted my finger in my anus to satisfy myself because the video no longer worked. What happened in the chapter was fappable; Not only did it have nothing to do with the previous chapter "THE ASSHOLE RAPIST OF GOKU" but it was incredibly homosexual and hot in content: Goku was having sex with Vegeta but in a more violent, bloody way and not the goku's way. Goku did not stop raping him for a single moment and semen could be seen flying through the air. Then Goku sent him to rape him with a tube, Vegeta had a scared look as if he was saying "please stop raping me for whatever you want the most", but Goku looked angry (in a diabolical way), he went to rape him and Vegeta did not avoid it , he was giving him a terrible fucking. Goku backs off and takes Vegeta by the ass (which was a bit common to throw them through the air) but what happened next was shocking: Goku manages to rip his cock out of him in a way too realistic for what was the usual series. Vegeta is bleeding on the floor of the planet Bikini Bottom (where he fought with squidward) and a terrified Vegeta pleads Goku to stop raping him, but it was useless; Goku seemed brainwashed by the shitty dubstep he listens to and then he throws the cock on the ground along with Vegeta, and starts screaming like a pig. His hair turns a semen white color just like his eyes. He screamed louder and louder, so much that I shitted my pants. Vegeta was surprised and horny, and I thought he was like that because Goku used to behave that way. Indeed, Goku begins to shit himself but not on Super Fag, but on something more terrifying: Koku begins to rip his own cock off. He finished poking and scratching his eggs and then he slipped on a banana peel there and plummeted towards Vergeta, who tries to escape but fails and Koku breaks his penis. His testicles come out of his body and then Koku takes him by the neck and pulls out a piece of crap, then lifts it up; a light from the sea opens and Shrek himself comes out. Koku takes it and the episode ends. After that, the credits began, but they were not the usual credits, it was only Vergeta's face full of cum, wounds in the ass and with images of poops that seemed to be the same credits with a porn music from the 80s, but … Akira Toriyama appeared in all the credits, indeed, apparently, he had done that chapter. THEN WHO WAS PHONE?