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Norway Bernd 2021-07-17 10:40:25 ⋅ 3mn No. 117538
Why is making fun of sexless people so accepted in la société ?
Russia Bernd 2021-07-17 10:42:14 ⋅ 3mn No. 117539
Cause its weird
United States Bernd 2021-07-17 11:55:53 ⋅ 3mn No. 117541
>>117538 I haven't had sex in 10 years and I say why worry? t. Schizo
Norway Bernd 2021-07-17 12:09:51 ⋅ 3mn No. 117542
>>117541 >Why worry? Why not? >:3
Germany Bernd 2021-07-17 13:37:34 ⋅ 3mn No. 117543
Because tolerance is a meme
Germany Bernd 2021-07-17 13:45:07 ⋅ 3mn No. 117544
Most sexless people are socially weak people. Its a instinct bullying socially weak people away.
Finland Bernd 2021-07-17 15:28:58 ⋅ 3mn No. 117546
Social pleasantries are only for the people who matter ie. keins t. kein thought process understander
Austria Bernd 2021-07-17 16:35:37 ⋅ 3mn No. 117549
Society always was evil and hypocritical, the more things change, the more they stay the same. It's all alright as long as there is someone below them to shit down as they get shat upon from above.
New Zealand Bernd 2021-07-17 20:24:56 ⋅ 3mn No. 117555
>>117549 Anglo-Saxon culture in a nutshell.
Australia Bernd 2021-07-24 13:46:00 ⋅ 2mn No. 117934
United States Bernd 2021-07-24 14:04:46 ⋅ 2mn No. 117941
>>117539 But no one is having sex these days, at least not on the America People don’t even talk to strangers anymore here
Norway Bernd 2021-07-24 14:06:44 ⋅ 2mn No. 117945
>>117941 >no one is married >no one has sex either Interesting how modernity works.
Australia Bernd 2021-07-24 14:10:24 ⋅ 2mn No. 117949
>>117941 Women are fucking because they are benefiting from online dating. They are being passed around by a smallish pool of men rapidly and accumulating many dicks. When I went to the central business district a few months ago in my city and eavesdropped on people, I heard gross 45 year old women talk about how they were fucking 19 year old Chadz. Imagine the case for a nubile young woman. This has never occurred before in history since even when in the neolithic 1 man reproduced for 17 women, it was about violence and monopolising resources, they must have had a culture of extreme homicide rates, cattle raids, slavery and chieftans. Women's marriages were arranged by men, their families, conquerors, chieftans, communities, somebody, whereas now they are totally free to choose sexual partners with no social or survival pressures in a way that is totally unprecedented. I don't think it's healthy tbh.
Norway Bernd 2021-07-24 14:16:49 ⋅ 2mn No. 117950
>>117949 Using history as an example is kind of cringe because a lot of the sex is just rape. Also these talking points fail to mention how many women are uhappy currently.
United States Bernd 2021-07-24 14:38:47 ⋅ 2mn No. 117952
>>117949 I don’t think chads fuck these days honestly Maybe yeah they get over 35 poon but I really believe women under 30 hate sex
Australia Bernd 2021-07-24 14:57:41 ⋅ 2mn No. 117959
>>117950 Yeah you are right. But this means womens are bitching and being hysterical more when they aren't being basically raped? With this in mind, is rape even bad? I have been around women who claim they were "basically raped" - ie semi-coerced into sex in some way (which they ultimately yielded to) and not just outright pulled aside and raped. this is supposed to be the worst thing in the world according to the modern zeitgeist but women really just use it to parade around their victim status and use rape as a badge of honour, can't be unspeakably horrible with that being the case. You just nod at these women and go yeah whatever so they feel validated. Current legal and moral conventions surrounding "rape" do not reflect the real reality of human sexual behaviour and define a lot of what is completely healthy as rape. You will probably think that this is retarded, there are a lot of cases of clear-cut rape such as during wars or with forced sex in general. Even then, women totally fail to protest this or treat it as an unspeakable horror when actually faced with it (and not just when whining at men who cave in to every demand they make). I remember reading a story from Austria in which the women were discussing that the Russians were approaching, and when asked what to do about the fact the Red Army would rape them they simply responded that they would "look at the sky". Women exhibit no real loyalty to groups or creeds and sleep with invaders constantly. Women love a man who can overpower, even rape them, and who can overpower, even kill, other men. Along with facial structure as a marker of immune system function and testosterone levels/nutrition during development, women are most attracted to bigger stronger men - being a manlet SEVERELY limits your dating pool and women will just not see you sexually if you are not imposing. In this study with tens of thousands of speed daters, it was found that women are happiest when their male partner is 25 centimetres taller than them. If you look at a bell curve of male and female heights, a man who is 25 centimetres taller than the average women is in the [b]80th percentile[/b] of male height (haha funny number). They select for men who strongly rebuke their constant attempts to antagonise them with "shit tests", even if it's with a pimp slap, who "make them feel safe" by being a threat to anyone who would try and mess with her, and who are willing to engage in dark triad/violent behaviours to get their way. Women in prisons and psych wards for dangerous schizos love to have sex with the violent patients, a significant portion do. So is it possible that focussing on what women want is ultimately futile, since women are happiest with males who do not need to have much regard for her inane whinging about what makes her happy in the first place? Of course this is based on what women actually do and not what comes out of their mouths
Slovenia Bernd 2021-07-24 15:00:21 ⋅ 2mn No. 117962
>>117952 The only chad I personally know mostly talks about fucking milfs (who give him money and buy him shit too). So I believe you.
Australia Bernd 2021-07-24 15:05:53 ⋅ 2mn No. 117966
>>117952 >>117962 Are there any studies on sexual behaviour of a large amount of people which suggest this? It weirdly kind of makes sense on a gut feeling level but I haven't seen anything suggesting this is the norm
Germany Bernd 2021-07-24 15:15:57 ⋅ 2mn No. 117967
>>117966 Older woman (milfs) are pretty open to sex. Im very average and slightly overweight but even i get hit on by Milfs when i went to bars visited by older people.
United States Bernd 2021-07-24 17:19:51 ⋅ 2mn No. 117981
>>117952 >It was real in my mind.
Germany Bernd 2021-07-24 20:09:24 ⋅ 2mn No. 118003
>>117966 You might be able to conduct a realistic study about the actual mating behaviour of women if you can find a faculty of sociology or psychology where there are no women or white knights who will accuse you of misogyny and have you kicked out. Good luck with that! (Of course you could do your own research independently from any university but then people wil just shrug it off as schizo gibberish no matter how well you do it.)
New Zealand Bernd 2021-07-24 20:29:03 ⋅ 2mn No. 118004
>incel and /r9k/ sexual lingo openly used on now I guess its time to take a break from this place.
United States Bernd 2021-07-24 20:47:14 ⋅ 2mn No. 118007
>>118004 I only brought up tangential evidence that I don’t think people have sex anymore because I personally don’t see it. Is that incel tier? I’m not even saying to take my tangential opinion to heart as it is heavily biased as I have no friends or any interaction with society
Ukraine Bernd 2021-07-24 21:20:16 ⋅ 2mn No. 118016
New Zealand Bernd 2021-07-24 22:04:38 ⋅ 2mn No. 118025
>>118007 >lingo Is that a word too hard for you to comprehend? I'm aware that people are likelier to be sexless in our modern society, but you and especially the cock eyed aussie could try a bit harder to properly express yourself without resorting to imperfect and often times, misleading incel and /r9k/ memes that have not been properly defined outside of their chaotic sludge holes.
United States Bernd 2021-07-25 00:13:21 ⋅ 2mn No. 118040
>>118025 I laterally said all my experience on the issue was purely my own self experience which includes only having one sexual partner Please do not be so rude sir
United States Bernd 2021-07-25 00:51:37 ⋅ 2mn No. 118041
>>118025 Does it hurt for you to sit down?
United States Bernd 2021-07-25 01:11:53 ⋅ 2mn No. 118045
I have never had sex and I feel outcastes from society since I was 12 years old cause of it. Now I have gone so long being virgin my sex drive is 0 now I think I will be this way foreverr.
New Zealand Bernd 2021-07-25 01:56:43 ⋅ 2mn No. 118060
>>118041 I'm not sure I need your mouth to cushion my fat balls.
Australia Bernd 2021-07-25 03:25:14 ⋅ 2mn No. 118073
>>118025 [i]imperfect and often times, misleading incel and /r9k/ memes that have not been properly defined outside of their chaotic sludge holes.[/i]
Norway Bernd 2021-07-25 08:59:48 ⋅ 2mn No. 118085
>>118045 >I have never had sex and I feel outcastes from society Hello based department? >Now I have gone so long being virgin my sex drive is 0 now I don't think virginity means you'll have a lower sex drive
Turkey Bernd 2021-07-25 09:08:25 ⋅ 2mn No. 118086
>people aren't having sex anymore because I'm not seeing it
Norway Bernd 2021-07-25 09:35:55 ⋅ 2mn No. 118091
>>118086 Keins complained about no sex the whole pandemic
Slovenia Bernd 2021-07-25 09:46:22 ⋅ 2mn No. 118092
>>118091 Should have gotten a gf. Lmao!
United States Bernd 2021-07-25 12:37:21 ⋅ 2mn No. 118109
>>118086 Yes! How can I prove what I can’t see? Trust the plan Q
Serbia Bernd 2021-07-25 20:43:17 ⋅ 2mn No. 118144
>Incel copists!!!!!!!!!!!
United States Bernd 2021-07-25 21:28:58 ⋅ 2mn No. 118149
>>118144 Serbian bernd you found BG!
Netherlands Bernd 2021-07-27 20:32:16 ⋅ 2mn No. 118268
>>117538 The people who made major changes in history were mostly celibate during their early lives. You can see why it's convenient to have more people focused on sex than making any major changes in their society, culture, government, history, etc.
Germany Bernd 2021-07-27 20:36:16 ⋅ 2mn No. 118272
>>118268 smells like copium but ebin if true t. celibate during early life
Australia Bernd 2021-07-28 05:35:51 ⋅ 2mn No. 118305
>>117538 Read Eving Goffman's book 'Stigma'. The sexless are a disgraced group within society. Making fun of them asserts the position of normals as dominant within society.
New Zealand Bernd 2021-07-28 07:50:26 ⋅ 2mn No. 118312
>>118268 Bernd does not make significant changes except swapping into a new pair of undies.