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Germany Bernd 2021-02-15 19:38:27 ⋅ 11mn No. 109885
Why is the Slovenian kohlzhiner banned? Did he do something bad here? He always seemed to support the project t. not a kohlzhiner
Russia Bernd 2021-02-15 20:47:56 ⋅ 11mn No. 109894
Why not?
Germany Bernd 2021-02-15 21:15:12 ⋅ 11mn No. 109901
>>109894 He's a good poster
Germany Bernd 2021-02-15 21:53:26 ⋅ 11mn No. 109905
>>109901 He is a weird one. I share his appreciation for hairy girls, but he makes very repetitive thredas and it also seems like he does a lot of organizing and talk on other channels. I'm not sure how to feel about him.
Finland Bernd 2021-02-18 19:11:15 ⋅ 11mn No. 110210
>"Ban Bogdan!" <"Why is the kohlziner banned?" Same germanball Hmm...
Germany Bernd 2021-02-21 21:09:42 ⋅ 11mn No. 110510
>>109905 He makes a lot of IWO threads and post actively, I don't understand why the Admin doesn't want him here. >>110210 Huh? I don't mind Bogdan.