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Finland Bernd 2023-01-02 13:22:30 ⋅ 2mn No. 246877
People aren't even aware that the "Hipster queen of Finland" was never even elected. She was appointed by her party, after the actual PM resigned some months into his term. Another tarded thing people credit to her is Finland joining NATO. Her party was among the most anti-NATO ones out there, but only once the public opinion completely changed her survival instinct kicked in, and she realizes that the only way to stop the opposition pro-NATO elements from raping her part in 2023 was to stamp this NATO shit along ASAP. That being said, i kinda like her, even if i would never vote for her. She does know how to play the international media game, giving this impression of being this social democrat female reformer, while in reality doing absolutely fucking nothing but reacting to things that are already happening.
Germany Bernd 2023-01-02 13:26:36 ⋅ 2mn No. 246878
i don't really care is there porn of her?
Germany Bernd 2023-01-02 14:02:30 ⋅ 2mn No. 246880
post porn of her already im waiting
Finland Bernd 2023-01-02 14:23:03 ⋅ 2mn No. 246882
Finland Bernd 2023-01-02 14:44:36 ⋅ 2mn No. 246884
Finland Bernd 2023-01-02 14:47:44 ⋅ 2mn No. 246886
Romania Bernd 2023-01-02 15:24:27 ⋅ 2mn No. 246892
>>246886 kek >>246884 model
Croatia Bernd 2023-01-05 10:01:21 ⋅ 2mn No. 247540
you don't vote for a prime minister you illiterate imbecile you vote for the parliament and then the parliament votes on the government
United States Bernd 2023-03-06 15:41:00 ⋅ 2w No. 259114
>>246884 Imagine 3 somalis gangraping her
Peru Bernd 2023-03-06 15:49:08 ⋅ 2w No. 259115
Simps that simp politicians are worse than regular simps